Lately my mind has been all over the place. I know there is a lot for me to accomplish. I can’t get side tracked or distracted on old thoughts. I have to be successful soon and I’m nowhere near where I want to be. Ambition is all I have and Ambition is all I need.







This list must be completed by the age of 45. Maybe a contract to my self is needed. I made a deal with my little sister that if I don’t achieve a PHD by 45, I owe her $100.

Seriously, all she wants is a hundred bucks.

But I can’t let her win! I will never let her win!

So I say to her…”Challenge Accepted”

The Great City of Toronto has so much to offer when it comes to photography.

Colors from all sides of the spectrum, shades of grey naked to the human eye and from shapes to patterns seen nowhere else on Earth.

There is so much I want to explore and experience here in the great 416. I lived in Toronto my whole life and I have yet to witness what the Hockey Hall of Fame has to provide. Now with Ripley’s Aquarium opened and Busker Fest around the corner, I have no excuse not to capture the great culture and art this might city has to provide.

I’m wishing on that great big star in the sky I could get a job down town Toronto. If I lived in the heart of this great city, there will be endless supply of muses for my photography. And not just for the great photos but also as well as living on my own. I wouldn’t mind coming home to an empty house/condo and just relax on my own schedule. My home has to be within proximity of a gym and an Asian cuisine of some sort. Preferably Hakka or Sushi…